Topics of Interests

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers from Web search, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Representation, and Biomedical Informatics, to present and discuss the latest methods and results in biomedical information and knowledge extraction, representation, integration, analysis and retrieval. The distinguishing feature of this workshop is its focus on leveraging semantics-based techniques for biomedical literature analysis and retrieval. This further means that it puts rigorous attention on semantics-based techniques that allow for the creation, analysis, and integration of biomedical knowledge bases, with the ultimate objective of employing such knowledge bases for literature-based knowledge discovery, improving search performance over biomedical literature, or enhancing biomedical information extraction

The topics of interest to the workshop include, but are not limited

  • Knowledge representation and semantics for biomedical literature retrieval
  • Knowledge graphs in biomedical search
  • Biomedical knowledge source integration
  • Biomedical knowledge graph construction and embedding
  • Biomedical ontologies in search
  • Semantic features in biomedical literature classification and ranking
  • Biomedical information extraction
  • Biomedical literature-based knowledge discovery
  • Learning to rank biomedical literature
  • Semantics and Search for biomedical knowledge synthesis and systematic literature review
  • Entity linking and semantic annotation in biomedical texts
  • Datasets, metrics, and evaluation
  • Knowledge discovery / synthesis from literature
  • Knowledge integration from multilingual biomedical literature